The Filmmakers

Peter Bishai

Peter Bishai

PETER BISHAI (Director/Writer)

Peter Bishai is an award-winning film director and screenwriter. A Million Colours is the kind of film he always dreamed of making -- a sweeping historical narrative full of adventure, romance, complexity and striking beauty. He previously directed and co-wrote The Dueling Accountant, a whimsical comedy about a lonely CPA who is drawn into a world of intrigue when he's challenged to a fencing duel. In 2008, The Dueling Accountant won several awards including Best Comedy at the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival and Best First Feature at the Long Island International Film Expo. As an accomplished script consultant, his story structure expertise has assisted Hollywood studio projects, international co-productions and independent films by emerging filmmakers. Clients have included writers, directors and producers with projects at Twentieth Century-Fox, Warner Brothers, British Screen and many others.  He lives in New York City with his wife Aubrey and daughter Eliza.

ANDRÉ PIETERSE (Producer/Writer)

André Pieterse

Muntu Ndebele and André Pieterse on set.

André Pieterse, a 40-year veteran of the film industry, is the founder of the South Africa-based film production and distribution company, Ma-Afrika Films. His first film projects were writing and producing the classic 70s film, e’Lollipop, for Universal Pictures/Warner Bros. and producing Nuclear Terror for United Artists.

Pieterse is co-founder of South Africa’s two leading cinema chains, Ster Kinekor and Metro Cinemas. He has served as Executive Vice President of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer International Inc., and Executive Vice President of Columbia Theatres, Inc. Pieterse is also a member of the Board of Trustees of Good News Communications, now the Christian Film and Television Commission – publishers of Movieguide in the USA

Pieterse’s upcoming projects as producer and writer include: Winnie based on the book - Winnie Mandela -A Life  by Anné Mariè du Preez Bezdrob,  When the Lion Feeds, based on the novel by Wilbur Smith; The Word of a Gentleman, based on the life of DavidLivingstone; and Zoyatchka, based on the book The Admirals Daughter written by Haskel Frankel and Victoria Fyodorova.


Michael Mosca

Michael Mosca

As head of Equinoxe Films since 1996, Michael Mosca has played a pivotal role in the strategic management and profitability for the company's various divisions. Under his leadership, the company acquires and produces and distributes film and television properties in Canada and around the world.

Prior to joining Equinoxe in 1995 as director of the Home Video division, Mr. Mosca worked in the area of exhibition for 15 years, eight of them as director of operations for Quebec at Cineplex Odeon Corporation, one of Canada's largest exhibition chains. During his tenure at Equinoxe, Mr. Mosca has made an indelible mark by acquiring and overseeing the release of The Passion of The Christ, which earned $25 million at the Canadian box office, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, which earned more than $30 million at the Canadian box office, and the hit comedy Mambo Italiano, which has become the highest grossing English Canadian film since 1981, earning $5.5 million at the box office in its Canadian theatrical release, with sales to more than 40 international territories.

He is also responsible for initiating the formation of the company's production arm, which kicked off with a multi-award winning feature film in 2005: Un Dimanche à Kigali (A Sunday in Kigali).

Mr. Mosca's career in the film business spans over 30 years, in both distribution and exhibition. He is President of the Motion Pictures Pioneers Association of Quebec and is also a Member of the Board of Cine Québec.   Recently, Mr. Mosca has purchased Equinoxe Films and hopes to continue the tradition of quality established by France Film distribution and set even higher goals.